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5 Exit Strategies

That You Must Know For Homeowners & Buyers

While it is easy to buy a Property, a very important but often neglected part in Asset Portfolio Planning is Exiting.

The hard truth is all properties need to be offloaded at some point but yet most people do not plan for it.


The Common Reasons of Exiting are:

  1. Upgrading to a more Desirable Location and/or Bigger Size;

  2. Downsizing to cash out for Retirement;

  3. Cashing out of an Investment Property in search of other opportunities;

  4. Selling Deceased Estate;

  5. Decoupling and Way of Gift;

  6. Etc.

This article aims to empower our readers with the 5 Exit Strategies That You Must Know for Homeowners and Buyers to give you a head start to make an informed decision. 

Do reach out to us if you require data-centric reviews of any specific development and plans. Always happy to conduct complimentary discussion and sharing in our quest to help empower our readers before you decide what you want to do.

Happy Reading!

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We hope this short guide is able to give you some insights into how we help our clients plan their Property Portfolio.

At the end of the day, we need to understand that we all have different ambitions, goals and limitations. It is therefore important for you to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable realtor who will be able to explain and illustrate the various scenarios, and customise a unique solution for you.

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Take the first step today! Book your complimentary discussion to understand more and decide what benefits your family and yourself more!



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