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Handy Guides

How can our Handy Guides help you?

Often, we have clients asking how should they plan their Property Portfolio to help them reap better profits to work towards their financial goals.

Some of them are comfortable staying in their current place but are looking out for opportunities to provide a better home and improved lifestyle for their families. Others may be exploring investment opportunities to preserve and grow their wealth.

Whichever the case is, we emphasize the importance of long term planning and portfolio management. Different market conditions may call for different strategies but we are always guided by two main principles in our planning:

  1. Affordability - detailed financial analysis including cash flow and reserve funds allocation.

  2. Our client must be in a better position after that - no point going through the hassle if it is better to stay status quo right?

Through our interactions with clients, we also realised that there are common misconceptions of the property market. Hence, we have created these handy guides to empower clients with detailed analysis which we hope will lead to informed decision making.

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