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Everyone wants to find the BEST and MOST IDEAL house, but have you asked yourself if you have the MOST SUITABLE PLAN?

  • Why do People still suffer LOSSES despite holding their 'BEST' Property?

  • Why some People make PROFITS while others suffer LOSSES?

  • Is it pure LUCK?


Don't leave it to chances, Plan ahead and Navigate through these Difficult times with our Free Risk Analysis Report!


I've seen alot of Home Owners suffering losses so I believe Property is a Risky Investment if you:

  1. Fail to do Proper Planning

  2. Don't Understand and did not evaluate your Financial Standing

  3. Fail to conduct Risk Analysis

  4. Treat Property merely as an Investment

Hence, PLANNING is the FIRST STEP in Home Search/Sale!

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 2.22.40 PM.png

That is the reason why I advocate my clients to plan:

  • even before they started selling

  • even before they started looking for a suitable place

  • and even before they appoint me as their agent!

Yes, and that's why this Risk Analysis Report is 100% FREE!

I'm not concerned that you will decide not to appoint me after my sharing. It is perfectly alright!


But I'm more afraid of you buying/selling blindly without understanding the basics! (Remember Property is a Risky Investment?)

Why This Risk Analysis Report is a MUST HAVE right now?


We are all aware and have experienced the negative effects that this COVID-19 pandemic has on us and our economy. In fact, most of you reading this would have already been grounded at home.

You may be in the midst of selling, or having thoughts of upgrading/downgrading, or just started visiting showflats or resale HDBs.


It doesn't matter.


What you should do during this period is to re-evaluate your Portfolio, your Financial Standing, your Risk Tolerance and your Buffer Funds.


Plan ahead, set up a Safety Net for yourself to lower your uncertainties. I can't emphasize more on the need to lower your risk to have better Security and Stability.

Safety Net.jpg

With our 100% FREE Risk Analysis Report, you will know how to:

  • Decrease your Risk and Reduce Uncertainty

  • Set up a Safety Net for your Portfolio

  • Create a Property Saving Plan for yourself and your family

That's why we will help you with a FREE Assessment using Risk Analysis Method (RAM). Each Report is customised exclusively for you! (Usually around 10 pages, a few sample pages below)


Get your Free Risk Analysis Report Below!

Luke Lim Testimonials
Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 12.03.35 PM.png

Wendy Hoo

(Home Seller)

Luke has been very proactive and going beyond call of duty during my flat selling process. Luke has never failed to keep me posted with the progress and has always been very friendly and patience to explain to me the whole selling process.


His knowledge and expertise in the property has put me in a comfortable situation and putting my mind at ease. Thank you Luke!

Wandervale - Chris Steph copy.jpg

Christopher Chua

(New EC Owner)

I am pleased to be served by him throughout my entire journey to purchase my first home. Luke is very dedicated and spent time explaining to me about my options, making comparisons between different homes and understands my requirements.

I have convinced and made the purchase after a series of discussion with him, and so far there were no regrets and I couldn’t have asked for more to have Luke representing me as qualified real estate agent!


Charles Goy

(Home Seller and Buyer)

We had engaged Luke and Damon as a team to sell our flat. We must say that, when paired together, the both of them were a very effective team. The 2 of them complement each other very well in various areas. Luke is very technical and able to help buyers and sellers make data based decisions while Damon will always provide the critical angle on every engagements that we made.

More Importantly, they were never pushy and always very approachable at any time of the day. The pair were also patient in their dealings, assisting and going above and beyond what was required of them. Coupled with their humility and authenticity, they have come to prove that there are agents around who are non stereotypical while capable. We strongly recommend engaging them.

Get your Free Risk Analysis Report Now!

Just key in details and 'FREE RISK ANALYSIS REPORT' under Message below!


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