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Wonder how you can sell your home for the best price and move without financial stress?

Find out how we do it!

You may have seen our videos.


You may have seen our videos

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You may have seen us around.

Let us achieve good prices together!


But there's more.

We just sold a 4 room unit in West Terra @ Bukit Batok at $668,000.

A record price.

(We aim to break our record. For you.)

Architectural Plans

We aim to value-add to you.
Even before you engage us.

This will put you in control of the whole process and helps reduce stress caused by the numbers! Read on!


Before we customise a Marketing Strategy for you using the following methods...










Professional Enhancement and Photography
put your unit in Best Light to attract potential buyers


Home Tour Videos
showcase your unit and the surrounding to pull in quality buyers

Home Tour Video

Home Tour Video

Watch Now

Home Walk-Through Videos
provides a detailed viewing experience for your buyers

Home Walk-Through Video

Home Walk-Through Video

Watch Now

Social Media and Property Portal Marketing
provide powerful outreach and increases your unit's exposure

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We'll first plan the journey for you, with you.


(Crunch the numbers, understand your aspirations, your concerns and put all into numbers.)

We'll then prepare a Complimentary Report for you with the following questions answered.

  • How much can I afford for next house?

  • Affordability Stress Test